Cosmos Seashell Purple

My Drosera Burmanii

This is the first drosera that I plant and one of three carnivora that I have. Everytime I see it, I feel fall in love with it. I’m so happy my drosera its look healthy.

Penang, Malaysia’s becak

Yellow Plumeria

Tropical pitcher plant

Buddha Laughing at small temple in Jakarta




Care。In Fact is。simple。

Woman in this photo is Bibi Zhou, one of young famous singer in China. She post this photo in her weibo. The baby who playing with her cloth is an orphan. This photo is taken when she (with other famous people) visit orphanage and she subscribe toys.

When the first time I see this photo, it give me a feeling about warm.

Midnight Yellow Entrance

Camera: Canon IXUS 105